About Us

We are dedicated to sharing as much knowledge as possible on the Real Estate Industry. Living in Las Vegas is truly a blessing. We feel very fortunate to have a successful business for 26 years! A big reason we attest our success to is based on two things: transparency and integrity. We are completely honest with all of our friends, family, clients and really anyone we come across. Even if it’s not what someone wants to hear, we tell it like it is. You can always count on us for honesty. Second, we value the relationships we’ve strengthened with members of the community. We are here to provide as much knowledge to the industry for clients and young professionals. Knowing people can trust and depend on us is the foundation of our business.¬†Please contact us for more information and reach out if you have a question you would like us to address on our blog!¬†Thanks for visiting our website! Loyally, Screamin’ Eagles Realtors Company