Tips on How To Stage and Host the Best Open House

Tips on How To Stage and Host the Best Open House

Inviting people to show up to your open house takes a lot of preparation. You want to make sure that the right people will come to see your house that is on sale. The good news is, you came to the right place for advice! We hosted a successful open house just yesterday! It’s always a plus when you have a solid location, that helps when trying to make a transaction especially in the ridges real estate here in the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the house is clean and organized. Every corner is clean and polished. Just to be sure that you are doing the right thing, you might need to hire a staging specialist to set the mood.

You can also use an app to put your house on the listing.  There are popular websites that advertise your house such as,,, etc.  Search engines like Yahoo and Google also have their own dedicated portal for real estate. These search engines are very effective in making prospective buyers notice your listing and will have a stronger chance that your listing will convince them to show up during the open house. It will help you if the listing is accompanied with high-quality photos and videos that show the entirety of the house. Photos and videos are very effective in convincing more people to check out your open house.

The high-tech advertisement doesn’t mean that some old yet proven way of marketing an open house will be ignored. Putting signages like “for sale” and “open house” at least a week before the actual event is proven to be an effective technique. This method is being used in marketing a property for the last decades.  You don’t need a lot of money to accomplish this strategy. All you need to do is to go to a home improvement store and buy this signage.

Another way is for you to go to a website where you can create a signage for free. Create an “Open House” with the day (e.g. Open House Saturday) template, print it in a very large format and display it in a very conspicuous place.

Don’t forget to invite your neighbors to come in during the open house. They are also valuable assets in selling your property.  They are the people who want to invite their friends and family members to live near their houses so they will most likely spread the word for you. You can personally invite them and deliver to them an invitation to the open house.

Sometimes, it is difficult to have your personal feelings about the house get in the way of dealing with strangers. This is the reason why some professional realtors will advise you to be absent during the open house. If you have an agent, leave the task of holding the open house to him. You don’t have to be physically present during the open house. Relax and hope for the best.